Sunday, February 23, 2014

Learn JavaScript Post 17-Thinking About TEDx

So over break I didn't work on coding much at all because I didn't feel like typing my hair out in frustration. Instead, I thought about what I am gonna say when I have to talk to my class about my project. If I talk about coding, it is going to be a really dry talk. Also, that isn't what our talk is supposed to be about. The biggest problem I had and still have is finding a unique deeper meaning to my project. The topics I have come up with so far are you have to enjoy something to be motivated to do it and with that motivation you will do it well, and the other one is you have to try something out before you say whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, these are pretty common ideas. How long have adults been telling kids to try something and see if they like it? Forever. So I am at a loss of what I consider to be a TED worthy topic. I would like to speak at the event because I am pretty good at it. I talk more than I care to admit. Hopefully, I will continue to think of new topics, and refine the ones I have.


  1. First of all, it is SO awesome that you are going to be part of a TEDx event. You and your classmates are incredibly lucky to have such an experience.

    Both those ideas are things that you are conveying through your blog writing weekly. While they are common thoughts relative to your project, aren't they supposed to be? Meaning, as you do this project, doesn't your teacher want you to learn these things? You could make each of those ideas work for you, share your perspective and your experiences. While others could have similar ideas, your experiences are just that - yours. However, I see where you are coming from wanting to do something different - stretch a little bit further.

    My best advice - talk out what this project has meant to you and what you have learned. You may find that as you are talking (of course through those basic ideas first), you may find your train of thought going somewhere else, touching on something more. I know I have to talk things out ten ways to Sunday before I can really settle on an idea. Knowing you like to talk, use that to your advantage. I'm sure you will get a great, inspirational idea. Have you explored previous TEDx speeches or other similar speeches for ideas?

    Wherever you go with it will be fabulous! I can't wait to hear about it!

  2. I have watched several TEDx talks, and they have proved to be a mixed blessing. It is helpful, because I can analyze how people speak, and what makes the speech good. However, I feel like I am going to have a problem with my topic. TED topics usually have a unique message, and the bar is set really high. I also plan on talking with my friends, to see if they have any ideas for me, and my teacher, to see if he can help me refine my topics.